Wooden Door Hardware Locks How To Maintain

- Apr 06, 2017 -

Door locks are an important barrier to protect the safety of family members. High-quality door locks are the strong security of family, can also become beautiful home decoration products to shape high-grade home life. Conversely inferior door locks, usually in less than six months, will appear product problems, so we should face the importance of door locks in the home, but not for the sake of the cheap choice of inferior products.

How to clean the maintenance of wooden door hardware?

Selected high-quality wooden door hardware fittings, the late cleaning and maintenance work well to prolong the service life.

In general, users should do the following requirements in terms of use and maintenance:

1, do not use the wet hand to unlock the door, the corrosive solvent splashed on the wooden doors and locks. Open the door lock or turn the door knob, do not force too hard. Hinge, locks are active accessories, when loose should be immediately tightened, the hinge position when the sound should be promptly oiling to keep it running smoothly.

2, when the lock is opened if not flexible to plug into the key hole in the appropriate amount of pencil powder, the graphite composition is a good solid lubricant, not easy to inject oil, lest adhesion more dust caused the lock hole blockage.

3, the door body buffer can only be in a certain extent to resist the impact, avoiding the strong reliance on the door or hanging on the hands of swinging, do not drill holes in the door installation or hanging heavy weights, lest reduce life expectancy. To prevent the wooden doors from abnormal impact, opening and closing doors, the strength to moderate, avoid excessive force or open angle too large, repeated intense impact will damage the normal use of suction door.

4, metal handle, lock body and other hardware can be used to wipe to add brightness, but should avoid the corrosion of acid-alkaline liquids, contamination should be cleaned immediately. Remove slight scratches on the polymer veneer or metal surfaces, and use soft cloth dipped in a small amount of toothpaste to wipe repeatedly.

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