What Makes The Door Lock? How To Buy?

- Apr 06, 2017 -

When home decoration, everyone wants to spend every penny in the most suitable place. How to buy a brand good and cost-effective lock for your new home? In a word, local conditions. such as outdoor doors must be sturdy, insurance, the Ministry of Public Security certification of the best, and indoor door locks more attention to aesthetics, convenience. Bedroom door, living room door is not often shut, also not often locked, can buy the number of switches to ensure less, generally 100,000 times is enough, and the bathroom locks, switches and locks the frequency is higher, to buy a good quality, switch times to ensure high number of locks.

A wide variety of locks, choose what locks, to see where to use. High quality requirements of large brands for different functional requirements have a very thorough product classification, such as indoor locks, bathroom locks, big locks and so on.

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