What Makes The Door Lock?

- Apr 06, 2017 -

Almost everywhere and the door locks are inseparable, the doors are the first entrance, is to guard against the entry of dangerous molecules to ensure family and property security important barrier. The quality of the door locks is the key to the security of the most important indicator, how to choose the door locks, what brand locks? Let the small series tell you.

Type of door locks:

Spherical door locks: The door knob is the ball door lock, the craft is very simple, the price is cheap. Because of the poor security, it is generally used for home indoor doors. The main materials are iron, stainless steel, copper.

Three-pole lock: The door knob is the handle of the single lever, the production process is relatively simple, the price is low. The enclosure is decorated with stainless steel, the hand is the zinc alloy material, this door is relative to the spherical door lock in the modelling will be somewhat beautiful.

Mortise door Lock: This door lock is safe and good, and the material is generally zinc alloy and stainless steel. The door locks are compact, beautiful and safe.

Glass door Locks: Because the use of glass doors, the ordinary door locks can not meet the requirements of glass doors, so the glass door locks were invented to make out. The advantage of glass door locks is that it is easy to install and does not need to open the hole, and the safety performance is very high. Family balconies and public places and Office applications are more.

The types of door locks are in fact a variety of families or large group of companies using the door locks are high-grade locks, the door is not only beautiful and stylish, and the quality is very good, very high security.

Since we know what kind of locks we need, what should we pay attention to when we choose and use locks?

1, in the purchase of their own door locks, the first to calculate the need to match the door thickness and the door of the material, so that merchants for you to recommend suitable products.

2, determine the direction of their own locks. The door locks are essentially around, because the right and left is installed when the need to adjust, if determined the direction of the door can be mentioned with merchants, let merchants adjusted to you! If you are unsure of the direction, you can buy your own adjustment.

3, the color and style of the door locks. Need oneself according to home door style and decorate style to choose.

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