What Makes The Door Lock?

- Apr 06, 2017 -

In recent years, the security of the family has attracted attention, and the door has become a very important safeguard, of course, the door security and door locks have a very large relationship, in recent years, with the type of door locks and the level of exposure to make more consumers more attention to the lock. Indeed, the current market on the lock brand is very much, a lot of kind, consumer purchases are confused, so what makes the door locks how to buy?

First, the door locks should be considered the right kind.

For the lock on the market, the kind is indeed very much, some are clear locks, some are mortise locks, different kinds of use is not the same, generally speaking door locks are used in the mortise locks, different types of locks used in different places, security is not the same. Therefore, when purchasing the lock on the door, the first consideration should be the type and specifications, so that the installation can be smoothly.

Second, the door locks should consider the safety level

How to choose a lock? What makes the door lock? There is also a question to consider that is security, and we know that the security of today's locks is classified according to rank, a-level lock is the worst security, generally not recommended to use, and a slightly better security lock is B-level and Ultra B-level locks, suggesting that consumers buy locks, select B or B-level locks, so that better security.

Third, the door locks should pay attention to brands

In the purchase of locks, should also consider a problem is the brand, what brand door locks? In China's market, the lock has a lot of well-known brands, and these brands in production and R & D has a wealth of experience, the production of products not only good quality, but also high security, long service life. A lot of consumers buy when the brand more value locks.

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