Stylish Home Life From The Choice Of Door Locks Start

- Apr 06, 2017 -

Modern home decoration has not only been confined to the pursuit of practical, but for aesthetics has a greater demand, a rich fashionable art of furniture supplies, is able to taste the home life of good jewelry. How to buy the right door lock? Which Brand is good? Jalis and everybody share some experiences of choosing the door locks

First, before the choice of the door locks, we should do the following preparations:

1. Before choosing the door lock, the door thickness and the material of the door need to be locked, so that the business is recommended for you.

2. Determine the direction of the door lock. The door locks are essentially around, because the left and right are installed when adjusted according to need, if determined the direction of the door can be mentioned with merchants, let the merchants adjust to you can also adjust themselves.

3. The color and style of the door locks can be chosen according to the style of home decoration.

Second, well-known, to buy the door locks the first look at the material of the door lock. Now there are many different materials on the market door locks, zinc alloy, stainless steel, and so on, which kind of material good?

1. High quality zinc alloy material easy to process, strong wear-resisting, corrosion resistance, easy molding, strength and impact resistance in the room door locks moderate, is on the market is more common, cost-effective one of the dominant.

2. Stainless steel material strength high, corrosion resistance, no discoloration, its strong resistance to rust and high strength by consumers like, but because of its high cost, so the price is more expensive.

Three, the door locks with key lock core and no key lock core two kinds

1. Keyless locks are used in the kitchen, dining room, toilet, storage rooms, children's room door locks. If there is a lock in the case, the door can be rotated to unlock locking, the door can be used to unlock coins, convenient and fast, to ensure that the elderly and children's home security.

2. With key lock core general in bedroom, study, living room and so on. The safety factor is high, the door needs to unlock or lock through the key, and unlock or lock inside the door by locking clasp.

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