Push-Down Cabinet Door Locks

- Dec 22, 2017 -


Open the cabinet completely so you are able to work on the inside of the door. This type of lock is installed on the top of the door opposite of the hinges. This ensures that the cabinet can be opened just enough for an adult to unlock the door.


Estimate the correct positioning for the lock on the inside of the door. The notch in the top of the lock should fit snugly underneath the front of the cabinet, but still be easy enough for an adult to push down and pull the door open.


Mark the lock's position with a pencil by making a dot through each of the screw holes onto the inside of the cabinet door.


Remove the lock and drill two small holes on the pencil marks. Follow the manufacturer's recommendations for the size of the drill bit or ensure the bit is a slightly smaller width than the screws that were included with the locks. This enables the screws to secure the lock tightly to the cabinet door without splitting the wood.


Place the lock on the inside of the cabinet door, aligning the screw holes. Place a screw in each hole and tighten them with a screwdriver, securing the lock to the cabinet door.

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