Lock Tongue Determines The Performance Of Anti-theft Door Locks

- Apr 06, 2017 -

Anti-Theft door locks are divided into many kinds, have oblique tongue, square tongue, anti-saw lock tongue, double hook lock Tongue, the earliest we common is oblique tongue, inclined tongue design and its internal spring parts are completely closed for convenience. The oblique tongue structure is too easy to crack, so people invented the tongue.

The oblique tongue adopts a tri-fork mute design, and the noise is very low when the door is opened or closed. This effectively prevents users from interrupting the opening or closing doors when they are closed.

The tongue differs from the oblique tongue, which does not contain a spring part, so it does not automatically eject, nor is it indented because of an external force. The tongue is controlled by the action of locking the door, its fixation is stronger, and because of this characteristic, we must make the tongue function by operation. This is why most foreign door locks are used with the tongue in the oblique tongue.

In the purchase of anti-theft door locks, the lock tongue also need to pay extra attention, the door locks must choose multi-point locking of the lock core, strengthen the safety factor.

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