How To Install Sliding Cabinet Door Locks

- Dec 16, 2017 -


Close the cabinet doors so the handles align with one another. Sliding cabinet door locks can only be used on pairs of cabinet doors that close and open in the center. Also, both cabinets must have handles to loop the slider through; knobs won't work with this lock.


Slide the top open end of the lock through both handles on the cabinet. The bottom open end of the lock will hang below the handles, allowing the locking mechanism to pull tight and keep the cabinets from opening.


Align the holes on the locking mechanism with the two open ends of the slider. Push the locking mechanism onto the slider, ensuring it fits tightly up against the handles of the cabinet. The cabinet doors should not be able to open.


Remove the lock by slightly pushing the two ends of the slider together and pulling the locking mechanism off. Remove the slider from the cabinet handles.

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