How To Choose Indoor Locks

- Apr 06, 2017 -

How to choose a good indoor door locks, so that home decoration is practical and a sense of art, is a lot of new decoration headaches. Here is a brief introduction to the selection of indoor door locks skills.

1, select a high-profile, stable quality, good after-sales service of the enterprise products.

2, check the product packaging of the logo, whether a complete logo (including product implementation standards, grades, production enterprise name, address, production date), the packaging is firmly, the contents of the specification and product compatibility.

3, to observe the appearance of the quality of products, including the lock, locks, locking tongue, hand and cover parts and related accessories are complete, electroplating parts, paint the surface of the color is bright, uniform, there is no rust, oxidation signs and breakage.

4, check the use of the product function is reliable, flexible, should choose two more than the product to carry out a control check, in particular to buy two-way lock products, must use all the key to the internal and external lock test switches. The insurance structure of the product should also be inspected, and each lock is recommended at least three times.

5, check the key ervatamia divaricata situation, such as five key teeth, each key should not be less than three different key teeth, while the first and fifth teeth should try not to choose the deepest key teeth, conducive to the key plug and easy to break.

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