Fingerprint Door Lock Brand Purchasing Skill

- Apr 06, 2017 -

Now most of the fingerprint locks on the market have fingerprints, passwords and emergency key opening functions, of course, fingerprint locks are not function as much as possible, in the purchase, the general should pay attention to "security, stability, versatility and intelligence." Here are a few examples of the selection of fingerprint door lock brands of several tips.

1. Stability is one of the most important indicators of fingerprint locks, which generally takes more than one year to stabilize and stereotype. Consumers in purchasing the best choice of main production fingerprint locks manufacturers. Such enterprises generally have better production experience. R & D experience is the best stabilizing factor.

2. Intelligence is also a reference indicator, to increase, delete and so on, should be very simple, users do not have to remember too much password and code. High-performance fingerprint locks also equipped with video display system, user operation is more convenient.

3. Universality is also one of the important indicators, and should be applied to most of the domestic anti-theft doors, good fingerprint lock installation time should not be higher than 30 minutes. Otherwise, the user is generally difficult to complete installation and maintenance. Versatile design can also effectively reduce dealer inventory.

4. Choose a good lock core. Mechanical key lock core is directly related to the door's skid-proof and stability. This part is also very important, fingerprint locks are better, ultimately, still inseparable from the core part of the lock. The strength of the fingerprint lock manufacturer will choose high-grade locks, so the product quality will be guaranteed. Most notably consumers can look at the number of marbles and shades of the key. Try to choose the number of marbles and many products.

5. For the choice of lock style, people his taste, this part is not conclusive. In general, look at the material and the selection and color. At present, the market on the lock body materials mainly stainless steel and zinc alloy, also has aluminum alloy, plastics. If it is the door must choose stainless steel or zinc alloy. Surface treatment is also very important, some products look luxurious and glamorous, but users buy home for a period of time will find that the hands or other frequent contacts will have signs of fading. Such products are actually coated with spray paint rather than electroplating. is a kind of fool user embodiment, so the consumer must understand these details before purchasing, and the factory agreed to advance with the problem how to solve this, or spend thousands of yuan to buy back the fingerprint locks, used less than a year began to fade.

6. Purchasing Fingerprint lock brand to choose a good customer service manufacturers, this is the choice of fingerprint lock focus. Only the manufacturer of quality assurance, can let the user with the relief, only after the factory is guaranteed, can be in the problem when someone can solve in time. Products are not bad, only the quality of the manufacturers and After-sale protection to allow users to rest assured.

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