Anti-theft Door Locks Broken How To Repair?

- Apr 06, 2017 -

In life, often have friends encounter anti-theft locks tightened, even the door is not open, and so on, the following is a few frequently encountered failures and solutions.

Many people in the lock when tighten, like to drop some lubricating oil in the lock, so, may immediately make the door locks smooth. But because the oil is easy to paste Ash, later will easily accumulate dust, and form greasy son, this makes the door locks more prone to malfunction.


Sharpen some pencil unqualified or some candle unqualified, blow through the thin tube inside the lock core, and then insert the key repeatedly to rotate several times.

Open and close not smooth

Due to the cause of the door's own gravity, or gate hinge causes, the doors sink. Sometimes there is a phenomenon of locking or opening the door. It is often hard to open the door and lock the door with a key. At this point, do not forcibly twist the key to avoid breaking the key.


If the hinge loosening causes the door to sink, the loose hinge should be fastened with screws.

Anti-Theft door lock Core not open

Outside the lock core by the role of external forces, was deliberately destroyed, resulting in the core of the internal billiard dislocation, so that the lock core cannot be opened. The lock core is injected into the glue and foreign body can also cause the lock core cannot open, encountered this situation in addition to repair the lock core, but also beware of ulterior motives.


After cleaning the foreign body, and add the pencil powder, the key is opened. But if someone deliberately destroys the result, it is recommended that a new lock be replaced.

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