Types of door handle

- Apr 20, 2018 -

  • The most common and basic type of doors handle is the Lever latch door handle on a backplate found in residential houses and commercial and public buildings. Doors fitted with this handle has a latch which is used to keep the door shut. The door handle features only a lever handle which operates this latch. When the handle is pushed down, the spindle rotates which “passes through the door and the tubular latch inside the door allowing the door to be opened”. This type of door handle is normally found on doors leading into the living and dining rooms as they don’t require any type of locking. The lever latch handle is also easy to install and use and is available in a variety of styles and finishes.

  • The Lever lock door handle on a backplate is another type of door handle which operates similarly to the lever latch door handle. This type of handle on a backplate consists of a lever and just below it, a key hole cut. This allows a key to be inserted into the door to control a mortice sash lock. Just the like the lever latch, the door can be opened and shut by pushing the handle but can also be locked using a key. This locking mechanism is why this type of door handle is used for front and back doors of residential housing.

  • The Lever Bathroom is typically used on bathroom doors as they can be locked easily from the inside and in and emergency can be opened from the outside. Locking the door from the inside is accomplished by turning the snib while a coin or something similar is required to open the lock from the outside. This lock is fitted with a mortice sash with the attached to a 5mm spindle which passes through the door.

  • The Lever Privacy is similar to the Lever Bathroom in that it is locked by turning a snib on the inside and can be unlocked from the outside in emergencies. Unlike the Lever Bathroom, there is no mortice sash; the locking is achieved by jamming the lever in a closed position.

  • Pull door handle or simply Pull handle are U-shaped and they are used especially in the kitchen but also for drawers. Usually made of stainless steel.

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