Type of lock

- Apr 06, 2017 -

One, the type of lock:

1, padlock: divided into copper padlock, iron padlock and password padlock, its main specifications are 15, 20, 25, 30, 40, 50, 60 and 75mm.

2, drawer locks: Divided into all copper drawer locks, copper drawer locks, aluminum core drawer locks and left and right cabinet locks, its main specifications are φ 22.5mm and 16mm.

3, Billiard door locks: Divided into single-insurance door locks, double door locks, three insurance locks and multiple insurance locks.

4, plug the door locks: Also known as anti-theft door locks, divided into steel door locks and wooden door lock core door locks.

5, ball-type door locks: divided into copper ball-type door locks and three-tube ball-type locks, and private compartment locks.

6, Color Lock: Glass door locks, plug locks, button locks, electrical box switch locks and chain locks, lock tongue, etc.

7, electronic locks: fingerprint locks, magnetic card locks, IC card locks, password locks.

8. Holding the lock.

9, aircraft locks, train locks, car locks, ship locks,.

10, prison locks and other special locks.

Second, the use of the lock:

1, enter the door locks: Also known as anti-theft locks. Entrance door is the door of each family, is the family outside the watershed, it must have a special function, is to be able to play the role of insurance, security guard. There are two main doors: a iron gate, a total door (usually wooden doors). For the iron Gate, the pros and cons of both sides can lock, commonly known as: double-headed locks. Commonly used to have multiple insurance locks and plug-core steel locks. Should be careful in choosing the spacing between two doors should not be less than 80mm (8 cm). Otherwise, the two doors (because of the lock handles) is not long enough, can not shut at the same time not to play anti-theft role. The general door wooden door installs the big handle lock, this can play the esthetic role.

2, the room door locks: Generally refers to the bedroom locks. In the room has the insurance function, in the room external use key opens the hand lock or the same function ball type lock.

3, Bathroom door locks: it is characterized by locking in the inside, outside with emergency opening devices, and there are red, green display, or with "someone" "unmanned" display of small hand locks or the same function ball locks.

4, kitchen and channel locks: it is only the door handles and windproof action, no insurance function. It also applies to storeroom and children's rooms.

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