The work flow of cam lock

- Apr 11, 2018 -

1、raw material: zinc alloy die casting, Australian 3 # zinc) main components of the lock, lock shell of die casting
2、Deburring and polishing (lock lock came out of her shell casting is a mold, the surface is not clean), the first is deburring (factory is now fully automated mechanical deburring), going after the burrs are modified in polishing, let the product looks more delicate and smooth (this process many domestic factories have no to do, so the product look rough).
3、Types of surface treatment is also called the electroplating, general plating (chrome plating, nickel plating, galvanized, electric black), large size lock with spraying (pits black, black, gray);Electric plating methods (hanging plating, barrel plating, continuous plating and brush plating), etc.

4、Stamping, punching machine, lathe, mainly including (/ beads, tongue, keys, terminals, nut, etc., brass lock core lock shell will lathe).
5、Injection is mainly plastic part (such as terminals, key rubber lining, etc.).
6、CNC CNC machining, high precision and high technical content of products using CNC processing (internal screw teeth, all miscellaneous letter management lock).
7、Assembly is the last procedure, locks, our factory staff are trained when assembling mount guard, after work in strict accordance with the installation of assembly model book to operate;Check every working procedure is a quality personnel, make each product before packaging is all nonconforming product pick up).

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