Small knowledge of household anti-theft locks

- Apr 06, 2017 -

Types of anti-theft locks

According to the principle of locking core, anti-theft door locks can be divided into pin tumbler, leaf locks, magnetic locks, IC card locks, fingerprint locks, etc.

Pin tumbler and magnetic locks are more common. Like a zigzag lock, cross lock, computer lock and so on are all belong to pin tumbler; Magnetic locks are more prevalent in previous years, but these two years are rare.

The public must find a regular company to unlock and change locks. About Anti-Theft, first of all, we should have enough awareness of theft, home is stolen, most of the owners are careless.

Safety Tips

One, the person is not at home, can install the Intelligent Monitoring system to guard against, so once someone is abnormal enters, the homeowner can receive the alarm through the mobile phone message and so on.

2, people do not know to let them follow; Moreover, when someone at home at night, remember to lock the lock knob, so that the "tin foil unlocking" to prevent from the outside.

Third, is hurriedly change locks. If the lock in the home is a-level lock, should be promptly replaced at present a safer B or ultra B-level locks. This operation is not complex, the public need not change locks, as long as the replacement of a lock core. When changing locks can be based on the complexity of the key to determine the safety factor, the more complicated the key tooth pattern more difficult to crack. In addition, in the outgoing must close the doors and windows, once found in the home stolen, should be the first time to the police report and protect the site.

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