Maintenance of door locks

- Apr 06, 2017 -

Some matters needing attention in the maintenance of door locks:


Some friends are locked in hair astringent, or tighten the time, often like to the keyhole of some lubricants, so that may immediately lock the smooth, but because of oil easily sticky ash, the keyhole will easily accumulate dust, and the formation of greasy son, so it makes the door locks more prone to malfunction.

Correct solution: Sharpen some pencil unqualified or some candle unqualified, blow through the thin tube inside the lock core, and then insert the key repeatedly to rotate several times.

Open the Door

Some times, due to the cause of the door itself gravity, or the reasons for the loose-leaf doors, leading to the sinking of doors, the door or open doors are not smooth. This time is often the key to open the door, locking the door is very laborious. At this point, do not forcibly twist the key to avoid breaking the key, increase the trouble.

The right solution: you should look at the reason first. If the loose cause of the door sink, the loose binders should be fastened with screws. If the door frame distortion or its cause can not be recoverable, from the door frame, the lock tongue will be expanded correspondingly, so the door lock switch can resume normal smoothly.

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