How to choose Indoor locks

- Apr 06, 2017 -

Indoor door locks are indispensable in every home decoration, in the master room, study, toilet, and other rooms all need basic anti-theft function to ensure the safety of life and property. A good indoor door, of course, can not be a good indoor door locks. So choose a high-quality indoor lock is particularly important, how to choose the indoor door locks?

First attention to the function of locks:

anti-theft function: As the basic function of locking, the first of course is to have strong anti-theft performance, recommended Super B-class lock core indoor locks.

Escape function: Indoor door locks also have the function of escape. If the indoor door locks do not have fire protection function, in the encounter fire high temperature situation lock deformation is difficult to open, will delay the best time to escape.

Second attention to the quality of locks:

1. The quality of the door locks should also be paid attention to when selecting the interior door brands. The quality of a lock relates to the safety of the family. Recommends that the consumer choose the formal manufacturer of indoor locks, to ensure that the quality of locks at the same time can enjoy a good after-sales service manufacturers.

2. Pay attention to the material of indoor door locks. The interior door lock material is basically divided into stainless steel, copper, zinc alloy. Stainless steel strength high corrosion resistance to strong non-discoloration, is the best lock materials

3. Observe the appearance quality of indoor door locks. Whether it is flat and smooth, including the lock, the locking body, the lock tongue.

4. Take note of the full range of the handle and the related accessory. Observe the plating parts of the lock, the surface color of the paint is bright and uniform, there is no foaming, starting layer threadbare, rust and oxidation signs or breakage.

5. See if the key is smooth and clean, the key inserted into the keyhole opening the door locks are flexible, the key on the label is clear and correct.

6. Personally experience the flexibility of the lock. Can rotate the door lock handle, knob, see whether the opening is flexible. Can lock insurance, after insurance to see whether it is effective, recommend that each lock at least three more than try.

7. Select the indoor door locks produced by regular manufacturers. Check the locking of the lock tongue stretch length can not be shorter than the formal production enterprises, product packaging text pattern clear, label product name, model, trademark, production enterprise name and detailed, production date, etc.

8. Check the standard of the indoor door locks. Brands of manufacturers are implementing QB high standards, some small manufacturers are still executing GB standard, so the choice of indoor door locks must be clear the product implementation standards.

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