Features of new electric cabinet door lock

- Aug 17, 2018 -

   In many companies, there are cabinets, which serve as carriers for our electrical products, with installation, support, connection and decoration. The electrical door lock is an indispensable part of the cabinet, which protects the safety of the machine and the staff. The general electric cabinet door locks on the market are easily opened, and the keys can be copied. This has great security risks. In the general electric cabinet door lock manufacturer, the door lock and the key are the same, which means that one key can open all the electric cabinet door locks, which greatly increases the risk of machinery and personnel.

   China has developed a new type of electric cabinet door lock, which can open and close the door lock to realize intelligent management. It works by using a non-contact proximity card that triggers the access switch to unlock it. This lock is not only safe but also very smart. The card used in it inherits the large capacity of the IC card, high security features and customer service physical damage, high read and write failure, damage, wear, static electricity and so on. Provides a safe, effective and reliable environment for the cabinet.

    Electric cabinet door locks are developing towards electronic forms!





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