Door Lock Installation

- Apr 06, 2017 -

1, read the product specification, according to the lock body installation size diagram, drilling and drilling lock installation hole bit.

2, the lock body is mounted in turn, the locking hole is found, the fixing screw is arranged; the screw rod and the connecting screw are mounted on the exterior panel part; The connecting rod is inserted into the square rod hole of the lock body, the outside plate part is directed at the connecting rod hole. Install the outer plate part; Install the inner panel part, and tighten the screw; Insert the lock body from the inward and outside the lock hole; tighten the screw by inserting the lock body panel hole in the screw mounting hole thread.

3, install the lock box or latch plate on the door frame.

4, after the initial installation, rotating outside the hand, the hand observation is able to smooth the oblique tongue back, stretched out; rotate the rear panel knob feel the tongue is smooth retract; the insertion key rotates the feeling side of the tongue is smooth stretched out the back side tongue; after fastening each assembly screw, repeat the above action, test several times, each action if not smooth loose screws, adjust the position to try again until appropriate.

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