Anti-Theft door How to change the lock core

- Apr 06, 2017 -

When people change the lock core, not only to consider the anti-theft door lock core How much money, but also consider the anti-theft door how to change the lock core. How does the anti-theft door change the lock core? This is a tutorial for replacing the Common Core lock method. Lock core in the anti-theft door inside, playing the key to Anti-Theft. Replacing the lock core is still very simple, as long as a screwdriver (screwdrivers) can be solved.

Disassembly lock sequence

1. Loosen the 2 fixing screws of the inner panel 2. Remove the inner and outer panel 3. Loosen the lock screw 4. Remove the lock on both sides

Install new Lock Core

1. Remove the lock Core 2. Replace the new lock core 3 with the same size. Install the core buckle Plate 4. Fasten the panel screws

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